Numerous articles have been published over the years about Father David and Emmaus.

“$25 Per Week and Satisfaction”

Daily News, 3-7-88

“Heroes, Annie Troy Clark”

People Extra, Fall 1989

“Busting the Homeless”

Village Voice, 12-26-93

“Christmas Wrapped in Barbed Wire”

Source Unknown, Date Unknown

“Living in Solidarity With The Poor”

The Long Island Catholic, 10-9-86

“Defense Budget Subject of Sit-In”

New York Newsday, 10-16-86

“Emmaus House”

Sophia Vol. 18 No. 1, 1988

“Emmaus House More Than a Home”

Manhattan, 10-16-88

“Emmaus House Warms The Neglected For 33 Years”

The New York Amsterdam News, 5-14-98

“Emmaus House Warms The Neglected For 42 Years”

The New York Amsterdam News, 2006

“Everyone Stirring All Thru Our House”

Daily News, 12-24-84

“Homeless Take Protest to Trump Tower”

Newsday, 12-22-85

“Fire Damages Homeless Group’s Intended Shelter”

The New York Times, Date Unknown

“For Addicts, A Bridge To Recovery”

Daily News, 12-12-93

“23 Busted at Housing Protest”

Source Unknown, Date Unknown